Hi, My name is Maria Eugenia and as far back as I can remember, art has always been a part of my life. I remember spending many long, rainy afternoons with my youngest brother, drawing together and competing to see who would come up with the best drawing. At university, I studied graphic design and that was, in fact, my first job. I moved to London when I was 30 and continued working as a freelance designer. It was there and then that I started experimenting with watercolours and more artistic designs. A few years later, I moved to Switzerland, where I have taken several painting courses and continue to discover the fascinating world of watercolours.
Some of my artwork can be found @minted @target @potterybarnkids
My best ideas are born at the most unusual places and moments. It can happen while sitting at an airport watching people go by or while driving in my car and daydreaming. The challenge is always to get to a piece of paper fast enough before the inspiration evaporates.